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Maggie Hope

Maggie Hope

Maggie Hope CT NC demystifies the secrets of healthy eating and gaining health through the power of detoxification and food. Author, natural health educator, therapist and detoxification specialist, Maggie has been working with people from all over the globe helping them achieve better health and happier lives since 1990. She holds a certificate in colon therapy from the International Association for Colon Therapy, and acquired her certification as a Nutritional Councilor from the School of Healing Arts in San Diego CA. She has studied how to address the whole body and use nutrition, herbs and supplements for internal cleansing and optimal health. Maggie has written books on cleansing and health, toured and traveled Europe and the U.S giving many lectures and workshops, trained colon therapists, and developed women's retreats. Maggie has done this work in four different countries including her birthplace England.

Maggie is the owner of Body Basics Health Center in San Diego where she operates a busy practice providing clients with colon therapy, diet guidance and education classes on weight loss and detoxification.

Maggie developed, and integrated detoxification into the medical program at the world-renowned Sanoviv Medical Institute. It is here that Maggie implements a variety of healing and detoxification therapies with the science of conventional and alternative medicine. Maggie also provides private consultations and teaches nutrition, detoxification and digestion classes at Sanoviv.

Maggie's practical down to earth teachings are soundly rooted in the philosophy that all things are related that the mind, body and spirit are interwoven. Of particular interest to Maggie has been learning how to use food as medicine and to assist people with diet and health problems that are not being addressed fully by modern medicine.

A knowledgeable and inspirational teacher, Maggie's ability to deliver the information in such a powerful yet matter-of-fact fashion really helps people to implement lifestyle change. She loves to share stories and experiences that she has gathered over the years much of which has changed her own life. Frequently described as powerful and humorous, Maggie's classes provide crucial information to overall health, detoxification, how the body works and functions with food as well as how healthy eating can be diverse, delicious and fun.

In her heart she is a dedicated passionate person who has discovered that this is her blessed life's work, which becomes very obvious when you attend one of Maggie's lectures.

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