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Remove “It” or ”It“ Will Remove You

By Edward L. Carl, ND, HMD

Washing deteriorating waste from the intestines is the quickest way known to begin detoxification, the first step to natural health.

Elimination and assimilation are two basic needs for natural health. If the elimination organs are not functioning perfectly the body soon becomes choked with putrefying garbage backing up into all the vital organs. Assimilation then will be stifled and the end result is death.

In most people, this is a slow process in which the various toxins build up over a period of years to produce arthritis, ulcers, cancer, diabetes, hypertension, heart attacks, strokes, etc. Many patients experience only headaches or a sluggish, tired feeling as warning symptoms for months or years before the final break down.

Before the advent of refined flours, sugars, chocolate confections, pasteurized milk and cheese, oily and greasy foods, noodles, cookies, cakes, etc., coupled with sedentary living, elimination was not the problem that it is today. A “normal” colon is found today in very few people. Instead, most people today feeding on the above mentioned garbage foods have colons replete with abnormal pockets, bulges, twists, and crooks which harbor impacted cement-like waste deposits adhering to the colon walls, as often serve as home for various parasites and harmful bacteria.

Through this putrefying mess food-waste forces itself periodically, perhaps daily, and perhaps more or less often. Thus, naturopathically speaking you may be constipated even while having bowel movements two or three times daily. But let us consider for a moment that the concept of real natural elimination which should be part of your natural health heritage.

You were designed by our wonderful Creator to have a complete evacuation of the lower bowel from one to three times daily after meals. A complete evacuation is not to be confused with small partial eliminations which most experience, nor can the partial give the same feeling of freedom, energy and vibrant well-being.

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Eat Standing on Your Head

Now it may surprise you to learn that evacuation while sitting on a toilet is about as natural as eating while standing on your head. You were designed to evacuate in a natural squatting position with your weight on your feet. This is nature's way of promoting the peristaltic action necessary for a complete evacuation. Any other way impedes nature's purpose. Some countries toilets were designed to conform with nature's own plan; not so in the U.S.

Colon Irrigation

The greatest immediate colon detoxifier known is the colon irrigation, when correctly administered. Second to that is the enema, which one can take at home.

Most of the objections to colon irrigation and enemas are from those who have had little or no experience with these gentle, natural detoxifiers. Some say that the colon irrigation washes out intestinal flora, valuable nutrients, and is habit-forming. The truth is that the washing out of putrefaction in the large intestine, which is the only part reached in any colon irrigation, increases the good intestinal flora, which can only breed in an clean environment which has been washed free of putrefaction and its accompanying harmful bacteria. That is why the intestines of a newborn baby immediately begin to grow good intestinal flora. Each time you clean out the putrefying garbage you make a better environment for the natural flora which start to multiply immediately in their natural media.

The intestines are muscles with nerves which normally trigger peristaltic contractions when the colon is full. Putrefaction makes the colon become stagnant and weak. But each time you fill the intestines with water, you cause these muscles and nerves to contract with new life. Thus, the more enemas and colon irrigations you take, the stronger and livelier the intestines will become. An arm or leg which is not exercised soon becomes flabby and weak. The same holds true for your colon. Yes, it is dependent upon both exercise and cleanliness. Colon irrigation is the natural way to supply both to correct unnatural conditions of filth and stagnation.

I know one naturopathic who was dying of a serious illness. She then went on a natural raw food diet program plus daily colon irrigations for two full years. Only then did she achieve the vibrant natural health which made it possible for her to work like a human dynamo for the next thirty years.

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A New Feeling

Sometimes, a patient will feel nauseated and have some cramping during the intestinal wash. This is a certain indication that toxins are being stirred up and that much more cleansing is needed to complete the job. The intestinal wash can lower a high fever in minutes, much quicker than the most powerful antibiotic, and is effective even in children and small babies. Most headaches are rooted in intestinal putrefaction and often respond in minutes to a good intestinal wash.

Most patients are surprised at the fantastic results from the intestinal wash program they did not even think they needed. Improved digestion, increased mental power, and sense of well-being and more vibrant health are only a few of the benefits. We have seen patients with extreme depression and pessimism transformed into cheerful optimistic after the putrefying waste was removed from their colon, and now you can try it and see for yourself.

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