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See photos from the last Vital Living Women's Retreat and find out about our retreat location at beautiful Rancho Los Chabacanos.

In todays busy world more than ever, it is essential to take time to replenish and rejuvenate our well-being. Leading a healthy lifestyle requires knowledge and practical tools for proper nutrition and mind, body and spirit well-being. Together in this retreat we will enjoy vegetarian food and fresh detox juices, along with gentle exercise, nature walks, swimming, meditation, nutrition, mind-body-spirit and detox classes.

Vital Living Retreat
When: TBD
Location: Rancho Los Chabacanco, Tecate Mexico

Maggie Hope is owner of Body Basics Health Center where she operates a busy practice. Maggie is a certified colon therapist, nutritionist, author and natural health educator, she has worked in this field for over 20 years. Hope has studied how to address the whole body and use whole food nutrition, herbs and supplements for internal cleansing and optimal health. A knowledgeable and inspirational teacher, Maggie will be teaching classes at these retreats.

Hilary Stokes, Ph.D. and Kimberly Ward, Ph.D. have over 30 years of combined professional experience in the human potential field. They teach educational classes on meditation, spiritual well being, managing stress and healing imagery. They incorporate an eclectic and practical transformational approach for both personal and professional growth. Both Hilary and Kim are deeply passionate about their participation in the transformation of others and they exude this energy to their audiences.

Photos from past retreats >>> June 2004

Retreat details and testimonials

  •  An all women weekend, have fun learn and relax
  •  Enjoy organic vegetarian food and fresh detox juices
  •  Exercise, walks, swimming, Jacuzzi, meditation.
  •  Nutrition, spiritual well being and detox classes
  •  All meals included

"I loved the food, classes, camaraderie, location, info. The meditation and breathing classes were very helpful. Nutrition handouts wonderful, worth the price for them alone!"      — Jean

"Thank you for all of YOU!!!!! The spiritual feast, the unfolding of the truth about nutrition, the property. The schedule was relaxed but kept us moving."      — Laura

"Thank you, thank you for a wonderful well organized,well planned retreat with great food."      — Francis

"I would absolutely refer the retreat to others, not only did I learn a lot was it fun and relaxing. The weekend was perfect. "      — Jaleh

"I had TIME, time to learn, time to relax, time to laugh, time to reflect,and time to clear my mind. I got more than I expected from this weekend."      — Lara

"First and foremost the staff was loving, informed and enthausiastic.The meals were "muy deliciso! The campus and surroundings were both beautiful and inspirational, I totally enjoyed my massage, I met new friends and I appreciated the freedom to choose whether I wanted to attend the classes or spend quiet time alone. Thank you so much for an incredible weekend. It was evident you did this with your hearts. When is the next one?"      — Angela

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