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Dan was sick; in fact he was just plain sick and tired of being sick. You can see in the picture he is a heart attack about to happen. He is overweight, tired, has poor circulation to his extremities and was totally toxic. He underwent a series of colonics along with the 21 day cleanse program. Dan found this easier than he had imagined and started to feel better quite quickly which motivated him to continue. After the 21 days were over Dan did not stop he did it again and then again three times in total. He had two colonics a week a total of twenty colon therapy sessions. You can see the difference in just ten weeks; Dan doesn't look like the same person. People have said they thought he was his son. Dan says this program probably saved his life. The photos say everything.

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Audrey, San Diego, CA

Paula, San Diego, CA

Anita, San Diego, CA

Sirpa, San Diego, CA

Al, San Diego, CA

Rob, San Diego, CA

Chris, San Diego, CA

Lorriane, San Diego, CA

Lory, San Diego, CA

Zoe, San Diego, CA

Yra, San Diego, CA

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Three Time Olympic Gold Medalist Kerri Walsh Jennings talks about her experience with the Standard Process 21 Day Purification Program.

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